Yahoo! Sports World Cup 2010
  • UED: 9 Designer + 2 Supervisor
Project Summary
To create a global design system for an event mini-site, to be deployed across regions and countries, for Yahoo! Sports' coverage of the 2010 World Cup.

The site design will:
  • Build the Yahoo! Sports brand.
  • Create an immersive event-focused destination.
  • Leverage a global framework of common templates and styles.
  • Provide flexibility for regional needs or differences.
Design Exercise - New Design Concepts
  • Designers explore homepage look and feel (2 directions per designer)
  • Use previous Sales Mocks as base "wireframe" for new design concepts
Check In Review
  • Designers post files prior to review.
  • Designers or managers present work, rationale, share ideas.
Design Exercise - Global Baseline
  • Global Baseline is shared.
  • Final Explorations - 2 per region/country - one based on Global Baseline and one Regional Variation.
Review Committee
  • Align on recommendations.
  • Gather Product and Engineering input.
  • Communicate final recommendations and examples.
  • Complete Global Framework documentation that includes design samples by region, style guide, and interaction design for all key templates and regional differences (Global Framework is used to guide Regional Design work on all templates for each country site) .
Yahoo! global design process for visual design.

Font comparison to each country(US, TW&HK, KR).
Simple sitemap from Yahoo! Sports project manager.
World Cup design exercise - Attribute
My exploration mockup design.
Mockup description
TW version baseline design
TW version extended design.
Mockup description
Mockup list of each countries.