Wretch Mobile iPhone Apps
  • 1 Product Owner
  • UED: 1 Designer (Ian Hung) + 1 Interaction Designer
  • Engineering: 1 Web developer + 1 back-end engineers + 1QA
Project Goals
  • Catch the mobile apps development trend.
  • Build an outstanding mobile development task force team.
  • Bring WOW mobile apps user experience to the market.
  • Apple iPhone Human Interface Guide, Apple SDK, Yahoo! Blue Print and other framework.
  • Big difference of PC and mobile, native apps and mobile web.
  • Smart phone related mobile UE.
  • How can our designer shift / stretch role from PC web to mobile if needed.
The definition of product
  • The product vision: To become one of the attractive and popular camera apps in apple store.
  • Product Goal: 200,000 times free download.

  • Strategy: By providing interesting and various photo-stickers background images a to attract iPhone and Wretch users free download this app, also this app allow users upload their photos to Wretch albums, therefore we can build Yahoo! Wretch app brand.

  • Positioning: Popular iPhone Camera app and the only one official Wretch Photo upload app.

Interaction Design
  • Mobile interaction is totally different from web UI mode, we need to discuss many times about some interaction detail.

  • Lack of such mobile UI design experience, improved by doing practical case.

  • Prototyping is very important for mobile apps user interaction design.

Visual Design

As a web designer, designing mobile apps user interface is definitely a new challenge to me, but I am really interested on mobile UI and having ability to learn in practical. Yahoo! has a road map of mobile devices; I joined the mobile task force team positively and started to study mobile UI design.

Mobile apps design exploration process

Wretch Camera iPhone app look & feel and style setup

Reference apps collection
User flow and interface design
Icon pack for Apple Store submition
Various Photo-Sticker images design