Yahoo! LifeStyle Transformation
  • 1 BU head
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Producer
  • UED: 1 Designer (Ian Hung) + 1 Supervisor
  • Engineering: 3 Web developer + 6 back-end engineers
Project Summary
Lifestyle is the Top 10 service in Yahoo!Kimo, and Lifestyle positions as yellow page provider while provide complete local search functionality and bring users food & travel-related information.

Current Issues:
  • Lack of Momentum to grow.
  • Low stickiness: low time-spent, low PV/UU
  • Low freshness on contents
  • Usability improvement
Where Are We Going?
As a Food & Travel portal with abundant information to search, review, and share.
  • To build local food & travel-related DB with quality and quantity.
  • To build well-organized & searchable system.
  • To revamp the UI to better present the image of fun on local food & travel.
  • To enhance profile on integrate with Core ID and Tagging to build sharing mechanism.
Keyword Generating
As we did before, UED called a free talk brainstorming meeting to collect every team member's core keywords. we got several main keywords (Easy to use、Reliable、Clean、Useful、Friendly、Fresh、Attractive) to be Lifestyle revamp central concept.
Wireframe Review
Producer released several wireframes, UED joined review meetings to check and fine-tune wireframe details, collaborated with producers and PM to create good user flow.

Mockup design (Visual Design)

I delivered several versions of mockup to get common consensus among all team members, and modified my mockups to fit user or business need. At this case, I created visual design list page to let my work clear and easy to communicate with everyone.

Lifestyle character design development

Since there was business need, I had to design a new represent character for Lifestyle service, and I hosted a new character development process, just like a small design election to decide which character will become Lifestyle’s new symbol.

Keywords generating and idea collecting.
Reference sites finding.
Wireframe review.
Mockup design.
Visual design page list.
Emotion icon design.
Lifestyle new character design development.