Yahoo! Game Revamp
  • 1 BU head
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Producer
  • UED: 1 Designer (Ian Hung) + 1 Supervisor
Project Brief
  • Become the biggest game information portal site.
  • Old platform will retired in 2009, and engineers need to build a new back-end platform.
  • Increase game content deeply.
  • Enrich game news and video content.
  • Aggregate User Generated Content.
  • Create more useable user interface.
  • New strong game community.
  • Study game portal site competitive landscape in Taiwan.
  • Search design reference site.
  • Prepare brainstorming session material.
  • Discussion with game project manager and producer to communicate whole concept and idea of new game channel.
Brainstorming session flow setup
Talked with Game team member, confirmed that having a brainstorming session was necessary before this project kick off. We also got common consensus about how to go brainstorming at the same time.

Keyword Generating
Called a free talk brainstorming meeting to collect every team member's idea and their core keywords of new game property. Keywords represent every member's ideal vision in their mind. After discussion、vote、drop down and grouping step, we got three main keywords (Fun、Clear、Friendship) to be Game revamp central concept description.
All stakeholders invited to have a vote、drop down and pick process, we cut and pasted photos from magazine to create an initial Mood board, to represent consolidated consensus look and feel of this new site. Visual Designer created a digitalized Mood board based on initial one.

Mockup design (Visual Design)
As a visual designer in team, I started to develop variety of mockups provided to stakeholders.

Visual Brainstorming Flow

Main keywords definition.

Cut and pasted photos from magazine to create an initial Mood Board.
Digitalized Mood Board.
Visual Designer's mockup