2010 Fashion Revamp
  • 1 Product Owner
  • 1 Project Manager
  • UED: 1 Designer (Ian Hung)
  • Engineering: 2 Web developer + 5 back-end engineers
Project Brief
  • [Content enrichment] Feed in more content ie, news, astrology, luxury goods..etc to increase content
  • [Video Experience] Implement Video solution YEP to fashion and provide video experience to users.
  • [Moneti-zation] By adding content and revising advs, increase monetization potential.
  • Reference site collect
  • Fashion industry official site design style study
Wireframe Review

PM released several wireframes, UED joined review meetings to check and fine-tune wireframe details, and we spend a lot of time to discuss interaction flow details and communicated visual design direction.

Mockup design (Visual Design)

In visual design part, it was very smooth; PM really loved this design style. I finished about 55 pages design in 1 month. In this project, our team members communicated efficiently and worked closely, and I also created visual design list page to let my work clear and easy to communicate with stakeholders.



Reference sites collection
Index page mockup design
Another dropped conceptual design
Take-Over advertising format guideline
Mockup list