Yahoo! Auto Show 2010
  • 1 BU head
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Producers
  • UED: 1 Designer (Ian Hung)
  • Engineering: 1 Web developer + 1 back-end engineers
  • Sales: 3 sales support
Project Summary

Taipei Int'l Auto Show is an annual campaign of Yahoo! Auto, we earned a lot of revenue from selling sponsorship deal and display AD between event period. Therefore this campaign site’s scope is big and participator is numerous. Also the design timeline is tight.


Site Map
Site structure defined by producers, and modified by project manager、UED and sales. Based on site map, producers drew wireframes and developed module features.
Wireframe Review
Producer released several wireframes, UED joined review meetings to check and fine-tune wireframe details, collaborated with producers and PM to create good user flow.
Mockup design (Visual Design)

Because of urgent timeline schedule, I only designed one style mockup, and finished about 25 pages design in 2 weeks. In this case, our team members communicated efficiently and reaction quick, and I also created visual design list page to let my work clear and easy to communicate with everyone.

Other Design Things

Social network web theme design, flash style and interaction design, bus wrap AD design...etc

Site Map
Wireframe Review
Reference sites finding and grouping.
Mockup Design
Plurk Theme DesignVisual Design Page List