Welcome to my portfolio site, my name is Ian Hung; I am a user-experience designer with passion and creative. I currently work as senior designer in Yahoo! Kimo, the biggest and famous portal site in Taiwan. Scroll down and take a look, I hope you enjoy the work I've presented here.

Contact me via E-mail:tingjiun@gmail.com Cell Phone:TW(+886)918-792-209 CN(+86)186-823-53975 Skype:tingjiun@pchome.com.tw
Tencent Design Summit Poster
March 2014
Tencent SNG Christmas Poster
December 2013
Tencent SNG Click Stream Analysis Platform Design
September 2013
Tencent ISUX OA Web Design
June 2013
Tencent ISUX Branding Desin Work
May 2013
Tencent SNG Tech & Product Summit Conference Branding Design
May 2013
Tencent SNG Security Center Logo Design
May 2013
Tenecnet ISUX Design Team Branding Concept Presentation
April 2013
Tencent ISUX Ps Play App Interaction and Visual Design
February 2013
Tencent ISUX Web Blog Design
February 2013
Tencent Qzone Windows Phone 8 APP Redesign
November 2012
Tencent Qzone V8 Webpage Design Draft Proposal
October 2012
ISUX Community Design Center Schedule Plan
September 2012
Taobao AliWangwang Instant Message Sofware for Mac
March 2012
eTao Product Organic Shape Image
March 2012
eTao iPhone Instant Message App - WangXin
March 2012
Taobao Mobile PC web Revamp
Visit Online Version
December 2011

Taobao Windows Phone 7 App Design
February 2012
Taobao Official Mobile Web Revamp
March 2012
Taobao Travel iPhone App Product Concept Presentation
July 2011
eTao Map iPhone App Interaction Design - Wireframe
June 2011
Taobao Android App New Design Presentation
May 2011
Taobao Mobile UED Team Logo Design
March 2011
Yahoo! Knowledge Plus API Widget
March 2011
Egg Mobile Studio iPhone App - Fool's Food
December 2010
Yahoo! 2011 Desktop Calendar Design
November 2010
Yahoo! Wretch iPhone apps - WretchCam
August 2010
I participated the initial task force team to develop innovative iPhone and Android apps for Yahoo! properties application.
Yahoo! Fashion 2010 Revamp Project
April 2010
This is final confirmed version among several conceptural mockups.
Yahoo! Global News Brainstorming Exercise
March 2010
Conceptural mockups.
Yahoo! Sports World Cup 2010
August 2009
Global Yahoo! visual designer join this project to create globalize World Cup 2010 event site. It's a practice of mockup collaboration system.
Yahoo! Taipei Int'l Auto Show 2010
October 2009
Annual big and important sponsor event to Yahoo! Taiwan.
Yahoo! "How Big Can You Think?"Recruit Event site
March 2007
Yahoo! corporate recruits campaign site design.
Yahoo! Summer Star 2008
June 2008
Yahoo! branding campaign site.
Yahoo! "How Big Can You Think"
March 2007.
Post design and presentation.
Yahoo! 2010 Summer Party T-shirt Design
July 2008.
Yahoo! "Think Big, Think Purple"
May 2008.
Corporate branding post and print Design.
Yahoo! Taiwan UED Award 2008 Inovation
January 2008.
My proposal design of virtual Yahoo! Kimo Photography.
Yahoo! LifeStyle Revamp
July 2008
Including user interface and character redesign.
Yahoo! Kuso Search
March 2007
New type search engine portal style, it's engineer leading project, hope to become the most big kuso content portal site.
Yahoo! UED Global Design Summit Post Competition
February 2009
Post subject "Open and Social", little devil open the hell door and eager to explore social world.

Open your arms, and explore social spaces around the world.
Yahoo! Game Revamp
March 2009.
Including Keyword Generating, Moodboard and fist mockup presentation.

Digitized Moodboard.
Keywords generating
Yahoo! UED Cocktail Team Logo Design
July 2007.
Yahoo! Properties Character Design.
2006 - 2009
Different properties' character design.
Taiwan Inclubator SME Development Company Official Site
June 2009.
PICO Trade Company CI & Logo Design
September 2009.
BenQ Projectors & Cloud Gate Wind Shadow
March 2006.
All flash interaction and navigation campaign site.